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Language Services DPS for all public sector now live

The new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Language Services accessible by all public sector organisations across England is now live.

Language Services DPS for all public sector now live

Language services includes face to face interpretation (spoken and non-spoken), telephone interpretation, and written translation and transcription. It also includes a Lot for a managed service provision.

As this is a DPS and not a traditional framework, it has the flexibility to enable suppliers to join the DPS at any time, and for purchasing organisations to specify their individual requirements.

Laura Whitworth, LPP Senior Category Manager responsible for establishing the DPS, explains that “Local contracts under the Crown Commercial Service Language Services framework for face to face interpreting, and the Department for Work and Pensions framework for telephone interpretation, were due to expire. LPP recognised the need to find a replacement which had the added flexibility to enable smaller, local service providers to be able to join at a time which is suitable for them, rather than only at the start of the contract period.”

The terms and conditions for running further competitions through the DPS have already been agreed with potential suppliers to the DPS, and purchasing organisations can award local contracts with a minimum timescale for return of tenders in just ten days.

Any public sector organisation in England can run a further competition under the DPS, and the managed service and face to face interpretation Lots have been split into regional sub-lots to allow for region-specific pricing.

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