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PAS EPR replacement for CERNER

A patient administration and electronic patient record service has been delivered to seven London acute trusts via the BT Local Service Provider contract as part of the London Programme for IT (LPfIT), a sub set of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).

The contract for this service, primarily based on the Cerner Millennium software package, expires in October 2015. As the National Programme draws to a close Department of Health support for the Cerner Millennium solution delivered through the LPfIT will come to an end.

The Cerner Chief Executives Forum (which is made up of CEOs from the London trusts that have or are planning to implement Cerner) commissioned work to explore options for the procurement of a replacement for the national solution and to look at ways of optimising the transition from the national arrangements as the contract with BT expires.

Following detailed analysis it was concluded that a collaborative approach to the re-procurement was the most cost effective way of proceeding although at the end of the process each trust will enter their own contract which will be tailored to meet local needs.

Because of the lengthy procurement process that needs to be undertaken and to minimise the risk of needing to extend the current arrangements with BT (which will be costly) a joint procurement team was established in October 2011.

St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust was nominated as the lead organisation for this collaborative exercise. The resulting framework is comprised of three lots: the provision of a Patient Administration System/Electronic Patient Record (PAS/EPR) solution (Software and Services), a Clinical Portal Solution (Software and Services) and Hosting Services. LPP provided:

i)                    Advice and guidance to ensure that the framework complies with the relevant Public Sector and EU Procurement legislation.

ii)                  Post award: the ongoing management of the framework, including the collection and distribution of activity based income.  

iii)                Support to trusts to run a further competition against the framework.

iv)                A model enabling trusts outside London to access the framework by becoming associate members of LPP.