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Managed Document Services Framework

This framework, established in collaboration with HealthTrust Europe, provides a range of 15 small, medium and large suppliers suitably experienced, capable, qualified and resourced to offer a variety of goods and services from hybrid mail to managed print.

Benefits of the contract

  • Cost savings of up to 30% (20% being VAT as minimum).
  • Aggregation of spend to deliver better value for money and improving on cashable savings for the user.
  • Minimises duplication of effort and time taken in the tendering process for both members and suppliers.
  • Establishes strategic relationships with key suppliers to gain better value for money, take out cost, improve performance and align suppliers with members’ priorities.
  • Members can either call off from the framework, or re-open competition within it, removing the need to conduct full tender exercises or lengthy supplier evaluations each time they have a requirement, saving time and cost associated with procurement exercises.
  • Expanded range of products and services through 5 Lots. Defined account management with agreed management reporting package.
  • Reduction of equipment, energy and paper support CSR objectives. Software that enables improved device management e.g. remote diagnostics. Maintenance and support, including training (on and off-site).
  • Reduced down time due to improved technology and managed service delivery. MFDs that can be networked, facilitating scanning and faxing directly to email.
  • 'Follow Me’ print capability that increases confidentiality and reduces waste.
  • Management of External print and Hybrid mail requirements.
  • Management of EDRMS requirements.
  • The framework is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.


Contract description

Lot 1 – Supply, Maintenance, Consumables and Print Audit

  • Covers the purchase and lease of printers, MFDs, consumables and maintenance. Also offers print audit services.

Lot 2 – Hybrid Mail (Outgoing)

  • Allows patient letters and other communications to be printed, sorted and delivered by a specialist provider. A range of software solutions are available to securely manage the process.

Lot 3 – External Print (Third Party)

  • Covers all printed material including: leaflets, standard forms, printed stationery, brochures etc.

Lot 4 – Electronic Document Record Management System Platform (EDRMS)

  • Includes software products to enable the electronic management of patient records.

Lot 5 – Managed Print Services (plus services for Lots 2, 3 and 4)

  • Fully managed document service. Covers all on-site and off-site printing requirements. Can also include the solutions and services in Lots 2, 3 and 4.


Please see the 'User Guide' for details.

Contract Overview
LPP Ref: LPP/2012/00006
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