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Paediatric Nutrition Products

LPP has produced reports and guidance on prescribing practices for paediatric nutrition products, with recommendations for NHS organisations and healthcare professionals who wish to implement appropriate prescribing initiatives.

LPP's Paediatric Nutritional Products Prescribing Report discusses the prescribing practices for paediatric nutrition products across London and makes recommendations for appropriate prescribing initiatives. It can be downloaded from the Supporting Information box to the right of this page.

The latest Paediatric Nutrition Product Pricing schedule is also available for download from the Supporting Information section.

Resources to improve paediatric ONS prescribing

A number of resources have been developed to provide guidance for healthcare professionals on paediatric nutrition product prescribing. This includes a series of document templates which can be amended for local use.

The documents listed below can be downloaded from the Supporting Information box, apart from any that are hosted on other websites, to which links are provided.

A Guide to Initiating and Reviewing Infants on Specialist Formulae for Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

This resource is designed for GPs or health professionals to use as a guide to suitable formulae for cow’s milk protein allergy and how to review children on specialist allergy formula.

A Guide to Reviewing Paediatric ONS Taken Orally

This document provides a list of the currently available paediatric ONS, and support in appropriately prescribing them.

Example Pop-up Messages for Paediatric Nutritional Products

These are messages which can be used as pop-ups to aid appropriate prescribing of paediatric nutritional products.

Nutrition Prescription Request Template

This table provides easy to read information to ensure accuracy of nutritional products and clear details relating to reviewing the patient.

A GP's Guide to Preterm Infant Formula Use

This guidance includes information for GPs on when to prescribe and how to review patients on post discharge preterm infant formulae.

Paediatric Appropriate Prescribing for Dietitians

These presentation slides outline paediatric nutrition prescribing trends in London and the key steps to paediatric appropriate prescribing.

Paediatric Appropriate Prescribing - Example Job Description

This is an example job description and person specification for a Paediatric Appropriate Prescribing Dietitian.

Best Practice Example of a Food First Diet Sheet for Paediatrics

The Central London Community Healthcare Paediatric Dietetic Team developed this pictorial resource for use in the paediatric dietetic clinic. It gives parents of children with faltering growth ideas for nutritious high energy snacks, promoting the message of "Food First". Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust is happy for this resource to be used if their work is acknowledged.

Infant milks: A simple guide to infant formula, follow-on formula and other infant milks

This guide was developed by the First Steps Nutrition Trust and provides information on infant milks and formulae for infants who are not being breast fed.

"I just want to find the right formula for my baby": Discussions around infant feeding among formula-feeding parents

This resource was developed by the First Steps Nutrition Trust. It provides a review of key themes found in web-based discussions among parents of formula-fed infants. Using data collected in 2014, the report compares conversations with those reviewed in a report done in 2009, to determine how the topics and ideas discussed have changed over time.

Cows' Milk Allergy Specialist Formulae: Appropriate Prescribing. What Do We Need to Know?

This article, written by Juliana Scapin, Paediatric Dietitian at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, appears in the July 2015 issue of NHD Magazine and can be viewed at http://issuu.com/nhpublishingltd/docs/issue_106_app_file (starting on page 13). Note: Some NHS organisations may block access to this link. If you find that you cannot get to this resource, either try to access it from outside of your organisation, or contact your IT service desk to ask for it to be unblocked.