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Omnipod Pumps and Insulin Pump Frameworks: IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TRUSTS

During the transition to the Future Operating Model Category Towers, LPP has been receiving enquiries about Omnipod pumps and our Insulin Pumps framework. The current position is as stated below.

Omnipod pumps

Trusts which have signed-up to LPP frameworks will be able to access the Scottish Frameworks for the Omnipod pumps.

The reference for the Scottish framework is:

Contract Notice OJEU Ref 2017S 223-463279 this framework has the reference NP317/17 

Contact details are:

John Gavin
Commodity Specialist, National Procurement
2 Swinhill Avenue, Canderside, Larkhall ML9 2QX
Tel: 01698 794476
Mob: 07766 658825
email: john.gavin@nhs.net


LPP Insulin Pump Framework

Although LPP have live frameworks for this area we are awaiting confirmation from the DH that these can be rolled out and accessed by trusts. Without that confirmation there are potential issues with compliance. As soon as we receive a reply from the DH, we will provide members with an update.