Commitment Discounts

LPP manages a number of Commitment Discount schemes on behalf of its member trusts. These schemes are based on aggregated volumes of all participating trusts with the objective of delivering higher retrospectively rebated savings than trusts could achieve individually.

Benefits of the contract

  • Increased retrospective rebates achieved through aggregation of LPP member spend.
  • Central management of all commitment discount schemes reduces administration¬† at local trust level and provides control measures to monitor actual spend versus forecast for each scheme.
  • All commitment discount schemes covered under existing framework compliant with public contracts regulations.
  • Transparent reporting systems allow trusts to check and monitor payments received against rebates achieved.

Contract description

LPP works in collaboration with NHS Supply Chain and those suppliers offering commitment discounts to ensure our member trusts are signed up to the applicable commitment discount schemes with volume or spend commitment at the highest level realistically achievable.

Commitment discount schemes are paid retrospectively and in most cases are paid on an annual basis.

The available commitment discount schemes are as advertised on the NHS Supply Chain website.


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Suppliers via NHS Supply Chain