Business Intelligence Team

The Business Intelligence team offers expert analysis support to London Procurement Partnership and London Procurement Partnership's members

Our analysts work closely with the category management teams to identify savings opportunities for our members. This work includes complex product substitution and rationalisation analysis, supported by extensive research into evidence which enables the category teams to put opportunities into context. 

The team also works to identify and agree baselines with members which facilitate savings tracking. We also collate and analyse supplier management information to track and report on both savings and lost opportunities.

For the pharmacy sector, our analysts work with both primary and secondary care members to provide monthly benchmarking, savings and cost avoidance data.

LPP collects both accounts payable and purchase order data from each of its members and now has an enviable amount of spend data (in excess of £7bn) which is fed into the annual workplanning process.

As a benefit to members, the Pi tool used for analysis is also available for their internal use. Training is available if required.