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NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework

Buy journals, books and databases using the NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement - ends 30th June 2016. Please note that this is a NICE framework, not an LPP-supported framework, and is published here as we believe it offers value to LPP members.

Benefits of the contract

  • Get value for money: Save on procurement time with pre-agreed Terms and Conditions (includes minimum standard service level agreements, key performance indicators and flexible licence terms).
  • Meet EU regulations: This framework complies with OJEU regulations - no need for full competitive tendering.
  • Be flexible and transparent: Make informed content purchasing decisions and justify spend.


How to buy

Note: Any content you buy is subject to normal public sector procurement rules and your local standing financial instructions (SFIs). These should be followed in the first instance. Your local procurement department will advise you.

There are three possible processes that you can use to buy content through the framework

  • Direct call off single provider process if onlyl one provider can meet your requirements
  • Award on lowest price using the direct call off multiple provider process
  • Run a mini-competition

Full information is available on the NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement web page.

Contract description

Lot 1: Print journals

Schedule A: Print Journals


Lot 2: E-journals

Schedule B: Electronic Journals: Agent Supply

Schedule B: Electronic Journals: Direct Publisher Supply

Lot 3: Print books

Schedule C: Print Books

Lot 4: E-books

Schedule D: Electronic Books: Agent Supply

Schedule D: Electronic Books: Direct Publisher Supply

Lot 5: Databases

Schedule E: Databases: Agent Supply

Schedule E: Databases: Direct Publisher Supply

Lot 6: Aggregated Evidence Summaries Resources

Schedule F: Aggregated Evidence Summaries Resources: Agent Supply

Schedule F: Aggregated Evidence Summaries Resources: Direct Publisher Supply


Lists of suppliers and methods of purchasing can be downloaded from the NICE website

Contract Overview