LEP/LPP Energy Contract

LASER is a brand of the Commercial Services Group and as such has suffered a severe data breach. Therefore, please do not email any of the LASER email addresses until further notice or respond to any emails received from LASER. However, you can still ring LASER, as it is only the email communication that is currently impacted. If you are currently in the process of joining the Pan-LEP contracts or considering joining the Pan-LEP contracts imminently, then the contact telephone numbers below still apply: Ben Ah-Thew: 07753 309450 (for information on the frameworks or joining documents) Nigel Hartnup: 01622 236 871 (Director of Energy)

Benefits of the contract

At LPP we believe that buying regionally as London brings benefits, particularly when it gives us the opportunity to save money where we can and ensure affordability, reduce demand for energy where we can, and address the day-to-day contract and operational issues that consume our time, attention and money unnecessarily. 

To understand the energy options being developed by the LEP, and we strongly recommend that you do, contact Ben Ah-Thew 07753 309450 (for information on frameworks or joining documents) or Nigel Hartnup 01622 236 871 (Director of Energy)


Contract Overview
Start 01-08-18
End 31-12-20
Contract Type Contract
Accessible to All LPP members
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref
Initial Period (Years) 2.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Simon Williams
LPP Ref LPP/2018/012