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Legal Services

This new Legal Services framework enables LPP members to continue to access legal services through a compliant route. The framework has been awarded by NHS Commercial Alliance but is open to LPP members as a result of our NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership agreement.

Benefits of the contract

The NHS is a large and complex organisation and requires specialist legal advice on a range of issues. Prior to 2011 and the existence of a framework agreement, many NHS organisations were using many of the same suppliers for Legal Services, but paying a wide variety of rates.  An initiative was undertaken in 2011 to harmonise fees across the NHS in London through a tender for the provision of Legal Services. This achieved approximately £1.2 million savings per annum throughout the life of the LPP/HTE framework.


The compliant provision of legal services is being continued through a new framework awarded by NHS Commercial Alliance but open to LPP members - it is no longer restricted to London. The framework offers NHS organisations the flexibility to run further competitions to reduce established ceiling prices or to move away from fixed hourly rates through the use of retainer models.


Benefits of the Contract

The framework offers many benefits, including:

  • Ceiling rates which can be reduced through further competition
  • Flexibility to contract on a fixed retainer pricing model to achieve reduction in spend and cost assurance
  • Cost savings by managing the balance of senior/junior resource according to case requirements with a split between complex and non-complex areas of law
  • Free of charge consultation, either written or verbal up to one hour, to discuss new legal matters
  • Fixed prices for defined standard services
  • Providing training for legal services procurement
  • Out of hours service provision
  • Secondment services - the supplier provides the NHS organisation with a suitable secondee for an agreed period where such a secondment is considered to be mutually beneficial to both parties.


A link to a spreadsheet detailing the value added services offered by each supplier on the framework is available in the supporting information section.


Please note that this framework is expiring on 31/01/18. The framework is currently being re-procured by NHS Commercial Solutions. Please contact Derek.howe@nhs.net


Contract description

Lot 1

 Primary Care (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 2

 Mental Health Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 3

 Corporate & Commercial Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 4

 Employment Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 5

 Property Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 6

 PFI/PPP Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 7

 NHS Governance and Public Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 8

 Healthcare Law (direct call off or mini competition)

Lot 9

 Multidisciplinary (direct call off or mini competition)


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