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Language Services Dynamic Purchasing System

In 2012, LPP ran a mini competition under the Buying Solutions framework for face to face interpretation including British Sign Language. A separate framework owned by the Department for Work & Pensions provided for access to telephone interpretation. These local contracts have now expired and as a replacement LPP has established a Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Language Services including face to face interpretation - both spoken and non-spoken, telephone and video interpretation, written transcription and translation and the option of a managed service. The DPS is available to all public sector organisations throughout England.

Benefits of the contract

All suppliers who have been awarded on to the DPS have already passed the first stage, the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). This included supplier information, exclusion & selection criteria, economic & financial standing and technical & professional ability.


Benefits for contracting authorities include: -

- Shortened procurement times as advertisement in OJEU and PQQ stage have already been undertaken- no further advertisement is necessary.

- Increased competition as local providers can apply to get on to the DPS at any time during its period of validity.

- Participating organisations can develop their own specification, based on pre-developed templates, to meet their own requirements and formulate the award criteria more precisely.

- Award of individual tenders can be quicker than under some other procedures - the minimum time limit for return of tenders is 10 days. 


For full information on how the DPS works, please read the User Guide.

Contract description

Lot 1a Multi Discipline (Greater London)

Lot 1b Multi Discipline (South Central & South East)

Lot 1c Multi Discipline (South West)

Lot 1d Multi Discipline (West Midlands)

Lot 1e Multi Discipline (Central & East Anglia)

Lot 1f Multi Discipline (North West)

Lot 1g Multi Discipline (Yorkshire, Humber & North East)

Lot 2a Face to Face spoken (Greater London)

Lot 2b Face to Face spoken (South Central & South East)

Lot 2c Face to Face spoken (South West)

Lot 2d Face to Face spoken (West Midlands)

Lot 2e Face to Face spoken (Central & East Anglia)

Lot 2f Face to Face spoken (North West)

Lot 2g Face to Face spoken (Yorkshire, Humber & North East)

Lot 3a Face to Face non-spoken (Greater London)

Lot 3b Face to Face non-spoken (South Central & South East)

Lot 3c Face to Face non-spoken (South West)

Lot 3d Face to Face non-spoken (West Midlands)

Lot 3e Face to Face non-spoken (Central & East Anglia)

Lot 3f Face to Face non-spoken (North West)

Lot 3g Face to Face non-spoken (Yorkshire, Humber & North East)

Lot 4a Telephone Interpretation (all regions)

Lot 4b Video Interpretation (all regions)

Lot 5 Translation, Transcription & Ancillary Services (all regions)



As the list of qualified suppliers for each lot may regularly change, please contact the framework manager for an up to date supplier list.

Contract Overview
Start 28-09-15
End 27-09-20
Contract Type DPS
Accessible to All Public Sector
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref 2015/S 149-275624
Initial Period (Years) 5.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Laura Whitworth
020 7188 8122
LPP Ref LPP/2015/018