Estates Facilities & Professional Services

NHS organisations in London alone spend around £800m a year on estates, facilities and professional services (EF&PS). Private Finance Initiatives account for a further £1bn on spend in this area. The EF&PS work stream at NHS LPP has developed a number of contracts to help members achieve cost and operational efficiencies. We offer consultancy and support by undertaking mini-competitions on behalf of our members. We offer a total of twenty-one frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS), developed with insight from our members, covering a broad spectrum of areas including maintenance services (hard facilities and soft facilities management), transport services, legal and property advisors, analysis & reconciliation, interpretation & audit services.

Key Highlights 2019/20

Analysis & Reconciliation Framework - This covers VAT, Accounts Payable, Water, Telecoms, Estates, Temp Labour and Energy and recovered c. £12m for LPP members contracting on a no win no fee basis.

Launch of new Transport DPS

Creation of new Minor Works and Maintenance DPS

Continued success of the Apprenticeship Training Providers DPS- developed at the request of Health Education England this agreement helps trusts make the best use of their Apprenticeship levy. Since launching in 2017, use of the Apprenticeship DPS has translated in to £17.4M of cost avoidance savings in addition to the valuable upskilling and availability of NHS resource.

Coming up in 2020/21

The EFPS vision is to ensure that we provide sustainable solutions which are fit for the future for contracted services and which do not negatively impact the Trusts' plans to meet the Government Net Zero Carbon targets. With this vision in mind, the three main strands of the EFPS starategy for 2019-2024 are (i) Sustainability (ii) Value for money and (iii) Security of supply with an underlying theme of improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

We will continue to work with Trusts on an individual basis to identiy opportunities to achieve the best value as they look to meet the objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan. New initiatives in development this year are: -

Decontamination Services Framework

Estates Professional Services including PFI contracts review service

Health Infrastructure Plan Procurement Services



To assist in the transition through COVID-19 the Estates, Facilities and Professional Services team has generated a list of NHS LPP services which can offer Trusts support in restructuring their estate post-COVID: -

If you would like to discuss any requirements you may have please feel free to contact the team on