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Agency Nursing Lot 5 (International Recruitment)

The national collaborative nursing framework provides NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies with the means to recruit nursing and nursing-related staff from overseas, both from EU and non-EU countries.

There are 20 agencies who have been awarded to this Lot who were all successful in passing specific audit tailored to the recruitment of staff from overseas and achieved a minimum score for specific quality questions related to managing overseas recruitment.


The rate card for Lot 5 indicates the introduction (commission) fee per candidate recruited with different volume bandings and different fees for EU and non-EU recruitment. The fees are inclusive of all recruitment costs excluding air fares and associated visa costs for recruited candidates and for air fares for any members of the authority who wish to travel to the country to take part in the recruitment procedure. The Introduction fees for this Lot are the same regardless of where in the UK the authority is based.


The ratecard is available to view in the Supporting Information section. You must be signed-in to the website to view the details.


Authorities must run further competitions under the framework agreement for Lot 5 in order to select the most appropriate framework agency for your specific recruitment requirements.



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