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Medical Locums: Calling off the Services

How to call off services: the framework agreement is for the services of supplying medical locums and locum general practitioners. You can award for a defined period of time (for example a year), providing the contracted period does not over-run the framework agreement by more than three months.

Basic Requirements

It is important to ensure that the call-off service you make from the framework agreement is decided in a fair and transparent way and does not distort competition. These are basic requirements of the Public Contract Regulations 2006 and will be reflected in your own organisation's procurement policies.

For most trusts it is sensible to consider awarding a call-off of services for a period of time - for example a year - probably for a defined group of medical locum job roles. This enables you and the agency to agree and implement a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which confirms how the two organisations can most effectively and economically work together. The SLA is flexible to suit varying circumstances but please note that only certain aspects of the service can be refined in line with the Conditions of Contract - for example in induction processes, customer policy requirements, ordering and invoicing processes. In short, it may be helpful to think of the award as being the commitment to an SLA for a defined period with a single supplier for the supply of medical locums in certain job roles.

Criteria for award by direct call-off

You can award call-off services directly where the terms (meaning the information on award of call-off contained in this framework agreement and the call-off terms and conditions) are sufficiently precise and complete to identify the most economically advantageous offer. This will be the case where the Commercial and Technical Specifications and all the other contract documents define the services, the supply of services and the application of the prices with sufficient precision and completeness. In the opinion of LPP this will be the case in the vast majority of instances.

To award by direct call-off

We have an online evaluation tool to support you in call-off decisions, which will help automate the process, and can be accessed using the link in the Supporting Information box on the right.

When awarding by direct call-off you should:

1. Decide whether and how to group job roles for the purposes of making your award(s) of call-off. You can award for a defined period of time providing the contracted period does not over-run the framework agreement by more than three months.

2. Identify agencies. You may wish to use the current numbers of registered compliant medical locums for each job grade for each agency to help inform your decision. Throughout the life of the framework agreement LPP will update the numbers of registered compliant medical locums every six months.

3. Evaluate the ITT data against each of the award criteria laid out in the tables for each suitable supplier, using an evaluation plan and the weighting (totalling 100%) that best reflects your organisation's requirements.

4. Award to the supplier with the most economically advantageous offer, represented by the highest score.

5. If the supplier awarded the call-off of service is unable on occasion to supply suitable medical locums, go in turn to each of the next highest scoring suppliers until the requirement is met.

Using the evaluation tool

The tool to support the call-off process is available in the Supporting Information section on this page. Please right click on the link and save the spreadsheet for it to work. You should then:

  • Select a job role to suit your requirements.
  • Tick those suppliers which you wish to consider (the de facto position is to consider all).
  • Choose the weightings for the award criteria, within the permitted ranges.
  • See the output sheet showing ticked suppliers and scores in ranked order.
  • See the number of registered compliant medical locums for each specific role. You should consider those agencies ranked highest. However they must have the capability to meet your requirements. If you believe they do not have this capability then you must document the reasons why in your overall selection. If you feel any agency has misrepresented the number of compliant medical locums then you should let LPP know. A high number of medical locums doesn't always mean the best ability to supply. For instance Agency A may have 50 registered medical locums and Agency B may have 30 registered medical locums, however, Agency A locums are all substantive post holders working extra hours via agency, while Agency B locums are all pure agency and therefore have a higher availability.