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AHP/HSS Permanent Recruitment

The Allied Health Professionals & Health Science Services Temporary Staff framework has established employment agency rates (rates for permanent recruitment)

Employment Agency Commission Rates


The new AHP/HSS framework provides for Employment Agency business (permanent recruitment) from a selected number of agencies awarded on to the main framework.

The Framework provides access to job roles within a range of job families within both Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Services.

Allied Health Professionals                                               
Health Science Services
Dieticians Biomedical Scientists
Occupational Therapists Cytologists
Orthoptists Dental Service Staff (excluding dental nurses)
Physiotherapists Genetic Counsellors
Podiatrists Healthcare Scientists
Psychologists Medical Technologists
Radiographers Optometrists
Speech and Language Therapists Pathologists
  Pharmacy Services Staff



A total of 37 agencies were awarded a place to provide permanent recruitment and the full list can be viewed here.


As all these agencies were also awarded for Employment Business activity they have all been successfully audited.

The AHP/HSS Employment Agency rates can be viewed in the Supporting Information box.


AHP/HSS workers engaged for Direct Employment on Fixed Term Engagements

Where the AHP/HSS worker is directly employed on a fixed term engagement under the 'hybrid' model, the agreed contract prices (agency's houry commission rates) are available- please see the Direct Engagement Commission Rates in the Supporting Information section.

Not all the framework agencies provided commission information for supplying via this method. Therefore if an agency does not appear on the spreadsheet they are unable to provide workers for fixed term engagements.