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AHP/HSS Pay & Commission Rates

The NHS London Procurement Partnership AHP/HSS framework has agreed contract prices for both pay rates and agency commission.

New Rates

The new AHP/HSS pay rates and agency commission rates are available in the Supporting Information section. Trusts will need to review which agencies they wish to partner with based on this pay rate and commission information. Most trusts will be able to save money on their AHP/HSS temporary staff as in many cases the base rates of pay have come down.


Trusts may wish to use the analysis tool on my.LPP to identify savings opportunities and compare pay rates and commission rates. This tool also includes additional discounts that are available from suppliers (e.g. prompt payment, length of service and volume based discounts). These discounts can also be viewed in the Supporting Information section.


Agency Worker Regulations and Out of Hours Work

The framework agreement (Contract ref: GPM- 005546) for the supply of AHP/HSS does not include any uplifted rates for out of hours work (nights, Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays). The anticipation was that the volume of out of hours work by agency staff in the AHP/HSS sector would be very low - historical data for London shows that it is in fact less than one per cent of all AHP/HSS agency volume. The use of agency staff for out of hours work with uplifted rates is obviously particulalry expensive and the framework is constructed with one basic rate to help reduce agency spend where out of hours agency use is indeed a necessity.



Where a worker has more than 12 weeks continuous employment with the Trust, under the Agency Worker Regulations they must be paid at least the equivalent basic rate of a substantive worker carrying out the same job role. Under AfC substantive staff have out of hours uplifts to their basic salaries and this can, in certain situations, result in rates higher than those paid to the agency worker, contravening the regulations.

The result of this is that within the AHP/HSS framework there are a number of pay rates from certain suppliers and for certain job roles where rates for an agency worker post 12-weeks must be increased to match that of a substantive worker. For agency staff working during a normal day shift the number of situations where this occurs is very low. For Saturdays/Nights and Sundays/Bank Holidays it is higher, especially for inner London trusts where substantive workers are paid a higher comparitive rate.

For agency workers with more than 12 weeks continuous service you must always refer to either the Inner London post-12 weeks AfC Rate Comparison or Outer London post-12 weeks AfC Rate Comparison spreadsheets in the Supporting Information section. The red highlighted cells on these spreadsheets indicate where uplifts to the pay rates need to be applied for workers who qualify for AWR.

Calculating the total hourly charge rate where post- 12 weeks' pay rates have to be uplifted

If the job role/supplier basic pay rate needs uplifting to match the equivalent AfC basic pay rate the cell is highlighted in red. You will then need to use the table showing the minimum Agenda for Change rates (also shown at the bottom of each spreadsheets) and supplier's commission rates to arrive at the total hourly charge rate. To find the appropriate commission rate you will need to refer to the main AHP/HSS pricing and commission spreadsheet (either pre - or post - 12 weeks) and read off from the relevant worksheet. Please see the example calculations in the Supporting Information section for the correct way to calculate the total hourly charge rates. Please note that only the pay rate to the worker is affected. All commission and discounts remain the same.



Calculating the total hourly charge rate where post - 12 weeks' pay rates do not have to be uplifted

Where the supplier's pay rate is greater than the equivalent AfC pay rate (the cell is not highlighted) then the total hourly charge rate can be read from the Post - 12 weeks rates(updated November 2012) spreadsheet where rates take in to account the holiday entitlement in lieu, uplifted to 15.56% (as opposed to 12.07% for pre - 12 weeks).


Placement Fees

The Placement Fee applicable to each supplier for AHP/HSS is available in the document in the Supporting Information section. There is also a guidance document which contains more information on when placement fees become payable. Trusts should read this carefully to avoid having to pay them.