Michael Pace

Managing Director, NHS London Procurement Partnership
Michael Pace

Michael Pace has recently been appointed as Managing Director at NHS London Procurement Partnership, with a focus on building a new vision and strategic direction for the organisation. He has a passion for the NHS, and is committed to ensuring that NHS LPP plays its part in delivering value and savings for the health sector. “Part of our strategic vision is to align objectives between NHS LPP customers and suppliers to ensure efficient synergies between supply and demand for the benefit of the NHS, patients and the public”. Prior to accepting the role at NHS LPP, Michael was part of a senior category team responsible for the implementation of the new NHS Supply Chain Operating Model. His continued close working relationships with key stakeholders supports our organisational aim to ensure collaboration and partnership working. With over 30 years of senior procurement experience, Michael has led both global and UK-wide projects in the retail and manufacturing sectors before joining the NHS. Working in both the United Kingdom and North America, Michael’s approach has delivered significant savings for blue-chip clients and improved quality across all environments.

Contact Details

Telephone 020 7188 6680
Email michael.pace@lpp.nhs.uk
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