NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership: accessing the CPP hubs' framework agreements

As a result of our collaboration with the other NHS procurement hubs - NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative and East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub - LPP members now have access to framework agreements developed by those hubs.

The arrangements vary according to hub and framework. Each hub has been undertaking a review of the agreements which are currently live, with a view to determining their applicability and value to its own members. In LPP's case, once an agreement has been through a review process and determined to be one which meets LPP member needs, we have added it to our current workplan. It then appears on our website in both the Framework list page, and in the relevant Category pages. You can identify an agreement which belongs to another hub rather than to LPP, as the Authority is clearly named on the relevant contract page. It also specifies that that framework agreement is available for you to use as an LPP member. Your contact is the LPP category manager named against the contract.

If you are interested in accessing another hub's framework agreement which does not yet appear on our website, please contact us in the first instance. (Your contact is the relevant category workstream lead.) If we haven’t already done so, we will approach the relevant hub and arrange to receive details of the framework, and to see if it also has scope for the wider LPP membership. If it is suitable we will discuss the terms of access with the hub, and support your implementation of that agreement in your local organisation.

It may be that LPP is unable to support the use of the specific framework, for instance because of resource restraints, but that you are still able to access it as an LPP member. In this case, the member would need to take responisibility for the 'call off' process, but LPP will act as point of contact for questions or clarifications with the originating hub.

Please note that some hubs charge an access fee for some frameworks, so it may not always be possible to secure access on a free basis.

LPP's current framework agreements, including those we have adopted from the other hubs, can be viewed here.  

The other hubs' agreeements can be found here:

NHS Commercial Solutions

NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative 

East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub  

If you have any questions about accessing CPP hub frameworks, or about the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Lee Joseph.